Logbook Servicing

At Tassell Automotive our mechanics can perform manufacuter’s logbook servicing on all makes and models. Our mechanics us OEM components so that when you have your routine logbook servicing performed at our workshop, you’ll maintain your factory warranty. During your service we’ll thoroughly inspect the entire vehicle to ensure it is running safely and reliably.

For vehicles outside their warranty period, we offer minor and major servicing using quality aftermarket components. Here at Tassell Automotive, our expert mechanics are fully certified to provide logbook servicing for all:

  • Petrol Vehicles
  • Diesel Vehicles
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eSafety Checks (Pink Slips)

Whenever you sell, gift, or otherwise transfer ownership of a vehicle, it will need to pass an eSafety Check, issued by an Authorised Inspection Station. This check ensures your vehicle meets the legal safety standards to be driven on NSW roads. Most light vehicles older than 5 years will need an eSafety check before they can be registered in NSW. If you’re unsure whether you might need an eSafety check, contact one of our friendly staff today!

Tassell Automotive is an Authorised Inspection Station and can perform eSafety Checks and send the results to Transport for NSW electronically.

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Your brakes are the most important safety feature your vehicle has. While other safety systems, like airbags, can reduce the severity of an accident, your brakes can act preventatively. Your brakes also suffer an astonishing amount of wear, routinely bringing over a tonne of material to a complete stop from high speeds, multiple times a day. The condition of your brakes is often the deciding factor between an accident and an emergency stop. For this reason, we agree with brake manufacturers that you should have your brakes checked at least once a year.
Here at Tassell Automotive, our expert team of mechanics can help you with:

  • Brake Component Replacement (pads, rotors, drums etc.)
  • Brake Component Machining
  • Brake Hoses
  • Brake Restorations
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Steering & Suspension

Faults and flaws in your steering and suspension affect handling and ride comfort, causing issues such as play in the steering wheel, body lean through corners, and vibrations at speed. Your suspension is also responsible for maximising the grip that your tyres exert on the road surface, and a poor suspension will substantially increase your stopping distance.

Tassell Automotive’s skilled technicians can help you with:

  • Shock absorbers, Struts & Springs
  • Bushing Replacement
  • Power Steering Repairs & Replacement
  • Lift Kits & 4WD Upgrades
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Air Conditioning

Don’t melt in your car this summer. In Australia a properly working air conditioner is vital to keeping your car comfortable all year round. Ensure the safety and well-being of your kids, passengers and transportation department employees with a quality and cost-effective air-conditioning system and service. When it comes to air conditioning, regular servicing is a must.

Tassell Automotive is an authorised air-conditioning service centre and we are able to offer you advice for your car, campervan or van.

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Issues with your vehicle’s exhaust can manifest as reduced power output and fuel efficiency. The exhaust draws waste gases out of the engine bay, allowing fresh air to enter and fuel the combustion process, and has a much greater impact on the engine’s operation than most people realise.

Here at Tassell Automotive, our talented mechanics can help you with:

  • Exhaust Repairs
  • Exhaust Replacement
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Clutches & Transmissions

As part of the assembly that transmits power from the engine to the wheels, the transmission is made up of some of the most complex and intricate machinery in your vehicle. Due to their sophisticated nature, even minor flaws can quickly escalate into very costly repairs. Keep an eye out for these warning signs: a grinding noise when changing gears, extra difficulty changing gears or a burning smell after driving.
If you notice any of the issues listed, Tassell Automotive can help you with:

  • Servicing
  • Repairs & Replacement
  • Manual Transmissions
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Differentials
  • CV Joints
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Engine Repairs

The engine is the beating heart of your vehicle, and is extremely hard working – even with maintenance and regular servicing, engine repairs are still needed every so often. If you notice a lot of blue smoke coming from your exhaust, excessive oil consumption, oil leaks, or a loss of power, it might be worth having your engine checked.

Here at Tassell Automotive, our expert staff can help you with:

  • Rebuilds
  • Reconditioning
  • Testing
  • Engine Blocks
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Camshafts
  • EFI Diagnostics
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Cooling System

If your cooling system is malfunctioning, it can cause issues such as reduced fuel efficiency and power output, through to decreased engine lifrspan, as overheating and leaking coolant damages the engine block. If these problems are left untreated for long enough, they will render your vehicle immobile, with the cost of repairs being comparable to buying a secondhand car!

Here at Tassell Automotive, our skilled mechanics can help you with:

  • Radiator/Heater Repairs & Replacement
  • Head Gaskets
  • Coolant Flush
  • Thermostats
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Auto Electrical

If the engine is your vehicle’s heart, the auto electrical network is the brain and nervous system. This network handles everything from playing music and measuring fuel consumption to assisting with braking and gear changes, even monitoring your vehicle and notifying you if serious flaws are detected.

Tassell Automotive’s expert auto electricians can help you with:

  • Alternators & Starter Motors
  • Battery Check & Replacement
  • Component Test & Replacement
  • Diagnostics
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Accessory Installation
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